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I'm living in New Mexico where I sculpt and paint. After a long absence from art, I am now creating smaller bronze figures. This blog is mainly devoted to that work.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

"Cat Nap" Further Along

I've had a few health issues recently, so the work has really slowed down. I guess we all have months like that.

Here is a picture of the progress of Cat Nap. I'm focusing on getting the rocks made. There are a few here that I wan to eliminate. One thing that has really bogged down this painting is the struggle with heavy duty canvas. At the beginning, canvas like this is very difficult to use because of the profile of the weave. Although it creates really great tooth, for some reason wild life painters like to stick with less bumpy canvas, or just go to board, or paper.

 photo DSC00238_zpsrgpedngf.jpg

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