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New Mexico, United States
I'm living in New Mexico where I sculpt and paint. After a long absence from art, I am now creating smaller bronze figures. This blog is mainly devoted to that work.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Buffalo (American Bison)

I think I have made a giant leap forward in my sculpting technique. I have discovered a rather easy, nearly primitive way of creating nearly any animals measurements rather accurately. (I need to remember as well that I have been doing art for nearly 40 years, so I am not exactly a beginner.) Now all that is needed is plenty of practice. I am sculpting a series of North American animals. Here is my Bison WIP:

 photo P1020007_zps95758dd6.jpg

 photo P1020008_zps96dde797.jpg

I am still playing around with the hair texture:
 photo P1020005_zps5f860816.jpg

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Horse

I want to work "big." I've always been more impressed by large sculpture, and I am getting bigger and bigger in my personal work. Here is a picture of my largest recent piece. I will be putting a rider on this horse. The horse without the tail is 28 inches long, and 18 inches tall. You will see that I have gotten much better with my body measurements. I have discovered a "secret weapon" which I may reveal one day.
Side view:  photo P1010968_zpsbe267d77.jpg "Heroic" head on shot:  photo P1010970_zps858fca72.jpg View of saddle:  photo P1010957_zps0e65ef84.jpg