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I'm living in New Mexico where I sculpt and paint. After a long absence from art, I am now creating smaller bronze figures. This blog is mainly devoted to that work.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sculpture: Pregnant Woman

I am still working on figuring out my own style. I thought the snake woman was not very "genuine," so I went back and made a pregnant woman. This was not intentional. It started as a kind of a "doodle" in clay, but It was turning out so well, I decided to take it to the end. (It has a few more days of smoothing and small detail to go). This is meant to lie lengthwise on a long base, and will be slightly "floating," that is to say held up by pins about one inch above the surface of the base. It is more or less Queen Maia, mother of Guatama Siddhartha, but also reflects the deep bond to the earth of any pregnant woman. I was fixated on the pull of gravity on the belly, breasts and other details. I am still not a very good "miniature" sculptor. Once again, I did not use any reference photos or actual woman to make this. I did use a few anatomical charts to measure the bones and check other details, and I used my own measurements. The artist is the best anatomy chart ever.  photo P1010757_zpsf79bfb17.jpg  photo P1010755_zps451470e2.jpg I wanted to show this one because someone asked how to make plastaline clay "smooth." Between my fingers, perhaps you can see a piece of cloth. This is canvas, soaked in kerosine. The kerosine "melts" the plastaline slightly, and the canvas acts as a kind of "sand paper." Window screen is also a good "smoother" but if you ultimately need absolutely smooth surface, you need to resort to canvas, or cloth, or chamois, or leather, maybe sponges, and then finally your own fingers because even the canvas or cloth leaves little lines. The next day, the kerosine would have evaporated, leaving the clay hard, and smoother.  photo P1010746_zps3ef00458.jpg  photo P1010747_zps03edaab0.jpg In a few days I will begin to make a mold.