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I'm living in New Mexico where I sculpt and paint. After a long absence from art, I am now creating smaller bronze figures. This blog is mainly devoted to that work.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Girl with snake update

I've been feeling ill recently-- little end of winter cold I guess, so I have not been working as quickly as I could. A few more things have happened to slow me down, but I won't get into them. I've made a major substantial "edit" in the woman with the snakes sculpt, in that I had the snake looking away, and I now have it looking at her.

I want to devote a later post to the "editing" that an artist does in a piece-- shifting it this way and that. I was thinking of the longhorn cow I am doing. The head has turned this way and that, and surprisingly a lot of the edits happen late in the sculpting process.
 photo P1010718_zps9339a999.jpg

Monday, February 4, 2013

Some Real Action!

I have been hard at work when I have not been doing household chores, or taking care of the dogs. The horse is nearly done. I am working on a new type of mold--here is a preview:


My plan is to create a pourable mold that does not take up a lot of material. The outline you see would be cut out of insulation foam, blocking the liquid rubber. I'll write a special blog article on it. Hope it turns out well.

Here is the "nearly" finished horse. I decided to make her pregnant, because she looks in such a pensive, waiting mood. As many people I know have said, "who would be interested in a "blah" sort of pose like that?" Despite it all, I like the pose. It looks the way a real horse would behave.

The horse with some light on it:

Photobucket I ended up demolishing the steer when the new clay came. I made a new version. I have a problem with one of the measurements, so this one has been put away until I can find some actual cows to measure. Photobucket Next, I began a new female nude sculpture: This is way better than my last female. I am just new at this, and so every piece I do, I get better and better. My work is becoming faster, and I am starting to develop a more mature style. This piece is close to the more "mythological" figure I did when I did the Birdman. Here is the armature I began with: Photobucket What makes this different is that I began with a small pelvis model and measured out, radiating from there. I sculpted the torso first, then the legs. Finally I "floated" the shoulder blades and arms, and last, added the head. It seems like an unusual way to do it. I will try it again to see if this method has anything to do with the way this turned out. Photobucket Here is the nearly finished work. No face, upper arms or hands, or fine details, but you can see how it is turning out. I feel that this needs another week of work, then I will let it age a bit before committing it to a mold. Photobucket Photobucket