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I'm living in New Mexico where I sculpt and paint. After a long absence from art, I am now creating smaller bronze figures. This blog is mainly devoted to that work.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Modern Art

I've been chafing at the bit to do some non-objective art.

I like that this piece (sans a final finish) only take me about 4-5 days, as opposed to the 45 days sculpting a "realistic" piece. I generally do not work full days in any event. My first few days on any project are 12 to 16 hour days. The time I spend really drops off as I get to the end. Focusing too much is too intense, and exhausts me.

Once the initial novelty of a project wears off, art becomes work. 

This brings up a curious point. Art as a job is the same as cake decorating as a job, or any other business. I have been looking into the business aspects of art recently. I began sculpting again after a long absence from sculpture back in 2007, with no goals, and no expectations. Most of what I made back then was destroyed. My goal back then was to come up with an armature system that would allow a more rigid base upon which to sculpt. I was not thinking of aesthetics or what I wanted as far as an artistic identity. The end result were the horse sculptures. Next, I tried to see if I could tackle the human form. Now I am doing a bit of free form art.

I feel that exploration is important to art, and being an artist. Selling art is an entirely different animal. I personally feel that as long as I stay within the boundaries of "sculpture," I should be okay. I know glass workers who make realistic sculptures of bugs and fish, and also make "beads." Obviously, one needs to diversify, to reach a larger potential buying public.

One thing I have noticed about galleries is that location dictates the price you can ask for art. I do not feel that my work, as it is presently, would sell where I live now. But, I would sell something that was of lower cost. This made me consider not only working on a less time intensive type of sculpture done in a material that would cost less to produce.

We shall see if my experiments in modern art yield this goal.